David Curby On February - 11 - 2011

The Beat the Streets Wrestling Program (BTS Chicago) has been dedicated to improving the lives of children and has helped hundreds of Chicago’s youth for over 20 years to build character, discipline and self-esteem through their participation in the great sport of wrestling. The BTS Chicago objective is to establish more elementary programs in coordination with the Chicago Public School league as a feeder program to the existing Chicago public High Schools, as well as more park district and youth programs in cooperation with the Chicago Park District and the Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation (IKWF).  As a 501c(3) nonprofit organization, BTS Chicagois now looking for funding assistance for the maintenance of existing programs and the rollout of new programs. Along with individual gifts, private funds and other fund-raising efforts, BTS projects an additional need of $100,000 a year for the next 5 years to successfully deliver on our goals and objectives.

Read more about BTS – Chicago’s History and Goals…

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  1. This is a great program for an area that desperately needs the stability and discipline of wrestling. Keep up the good work! However, I didn’t see a single girl wrestler depicted anywhere in the site! I hope you are encouraging girls to participate at the same time you are recruiting the boys.

    Girls, especially in high-crime areas, need to be able to carry themselves confidently and be prepared to defend themselves. Wrestling will accomplish both these goals for the girls, and could open up college opportunities that are much harder to come by from other girl’ sports.

    Please involve girls in your programs starting from the earliest age groups. Girls bring the level of competition in the practice room way up, and their presence teaches both the boys and the girls that they are worthy of respect on the same level. This alone can change the social dynamic for future generations, and help shape a future that will let these kids rise out of poverty and despair.

    • admin says:

      Beat the Streets is very supportive of girls’ wrestling and female athletes will definitely be a big part of BTS Chicago!

    • David Curby says:

      Please send me your contact information if you want to become involved in our efforts in wrestling for ALL of the youth of Chicago. You are correct in your view that girls have been almost totally ignored and need programs. However, the site is not devoid of women! Please see my goals in my introductory announcement, and also pictures of National Champion Helen Maroulis conducting a clinic for girls at the Jacob Curby Cup in May, in which BTS participated. Let’s get to work!

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