How can you help your company and wrestling at the same time?

Contact NextGen Networks (NNI).    Founded by wrestlers who love the sport, NNI will provide a review of your technology investments .  We will then work to maximize your  technology/network performance and minimize the costs.  In the process, NNI will not only save your company money, it will also donate 10% of our associated profits in your name to BTS wrestling.   So, you help wresting and save money at the same time.

As a business people,  you understand that the success of your company is greatly enhanced by getting the most out of available technology and by reducing costs.  In fact, for over 14 years NextGen has worked successfully with 100s of companies helping them leverage technology and reduce costs.  We can help you project manage the roll out of the latest technologies or simply help you audit existing infrastructure to provide savings.

NextGen Networks would consider it a privilege to work with customers wishing to support Beat The Streets Wrestling.  As former wrestlers, we appreciate what the sport has added to our understanding of commitment, perseverance, and integrity; and we know it does the same for the youth of our great country.

Please contact us at to discuss how we might all work together to help your company and Beat the Streets Wrestling.